Attack on Titan Season 3: The choice of life

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This article has spoilers for Attack on Titan season 3 and previous seasons. Please lookout for this. Attack on titan often has shocking deaths similar to the early seasons of game of thrones. The stakes are increased when for the first time in the series, the main characters have the opportunity to save a fellow soldier. Captain Levi has an injection which will turn a human into a titan resurrecting them from the brink of death. Armin is heavily injured from the earlier battle with Bertolt in colossus titan form. Commander Erwin was also gravely injured from a clash with the beast titan. Both require the injection to survive. Mikasa and Eren both push fot the injection to be used on Eren however Levi and the surrounding soldiers agree that saving the commander is the top priority. This creates tension in the group; to the point where eren and misaka threaten the life of Levi. They are willing to kill him to ensure that their friend survives. This kind of tension is previously unseen in the franchise. Mainly because there has never been an opportunity to save a character.

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