Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: A Realistic Take on Isekai

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Ill start by saying i am a big fan of the isekai sub genre. I have enjoyed the likes of Sword art online, Re: zero, No game no life , The rising of the shield hero and That time i was reincarnated as a slime. Based on my experience, i have certain expectations when it comes to an isekai anime, Grimgar lives up to these expectations but not in the ways i expected. Grimgar abandons modern isekai’s pacing for a slower more old school approach. This can be frustrating when you realise that there are only 12 episodes but it somehow works. The story picks up slowly but uses that time for world and character building. The team starts out weak , struggling in a fight with a single goblin. Without spoiling too much, the team develops at an appropriate pace which is totally satisfying to the viewer. The anime progresses more like a slice of life character driven story with a modicum of the usual isekai action. This formula is unusual to say the least. To underline this point, Grimgar has no plot. Let me elaborate, in Sword art online players are trapped in the game where they need to clear all the levels to escape. In the Rising of the Shield Hero, The transported heroes must complete waves to return to their homeland. In Grimgar our protagonists are simply trying to survive.They buy clothes, eat food and stay warm at night. In this way Grimgar is well and truly refreshingly realistic. Some plot elements get introduced in the later stages of the show so that the anime can end in a satisfying way. I appreciate this but i wouldn’t mind if it went on forever You can watch Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Here

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