Hinamatsuri : The Reality of Parenting

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Hinamatsuri is a comedy anime. I am not a fan of comedy anime. The only one I’ve really enjoyed is the first season of Konosuba.Hinamatsuri isn’t bad. Under aged girls engaging in mafia assassinations and working illegally as bartenders. The setup for comedy in this anime is ridiculous. I’m writing this while i’m watching the show. I’m watching it English dubbed. I can already hear the outrage. Behind the comedy are some interesting themes. One episode deals with homelessness and poverty showing the value of hard work and generating an income. Several episodes cover child labour and its implications. Some episodes look at loneliness and the meaning of friendship. The theme that appeals to me the most however is one of parenting, the sacrifices and morality involved. Here’s why this theme stood out to me so much. I’ve had situations in my life where I’ve seen people younger than me in great need of help. A choice was placed before me. Sacrifice financially and temporally to ensure this persons well being or ignore it and move along. I usually compromise and choose something in the middle where i offer up some of my time and resources but don’t open up myself wholeheartedly to help the individual. While the sacrifice of time and resources in this manner can be straining; it does not compare to the concept of becoming a parent. Becoming a parent means that you have taken responsibility for every single aspect of a person’s life.What they eat,what they do with their days,all their expenses and their future direction. In the anime , the crime boss Nitta becomes the father of Hina when she unwittingly falls into his home from the sky. Without much choice in the matter he becomes her only caretaker.She destroys his property, eats food endlessly and uses up most of his time and other resources available.In episode two Nitta observes that his love life has suffered as a result of his time spent with Hina. He lashes out in an attempt to regain normalcy. He starts feeding her canned tuna instead of the usual home cooked meals. He goes to the gentleman’s club and bar every night aswell. This leads to frustration from Hina as she expects his full attention. Nitta also lashes out in episode 4, he kicks Hina out after she breaks a priceless vase for at least the third time. This is his last attempt to escape the responsibilities of parenting. During the episode he accepts her back into his life and home. He takes full responsibility for her. This includes all of her expenses, her schooling and even her physical and emotional condition. The anime does a good job of showing us what life would be like had Nitta not made this decision. There is another girl with a similar origin story to Hina. Anzu falls from the sky just like Hina but lands in the street rather than in someones home. She is homeless and is taught by other homeless men to survive. Anzu collects metal tins and trades them in for cash as her primary source of income, she lives in a shanty town the homeless formulated in the cities park and her diet consists primarily of the cheapest of noodles. This juxtaposition of Anzu’s life and Hina’s life give us a very clear idea of what Hina’s life would be like without Nitta. Nitta is cognisant of this and here is where the moral dilemma occurs. Nitta is worse off for taking care of Hina, however Hina’s life is exponentially improved. In Hinamatsuri Nitta makes the decision to accept the liability of becoming a parent. He is a better man than me, i have never had the capacity to wholeheartedly accept responsibility for an individual even though this proposition has been placed before me in the past. What are your thoughts on this anime proposition?

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