Oriemo changed my mind about harem anime

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Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai or Oriemo for short. With the English title my little sister can’t be this cute. But she can, She can be this cute. I have not written or recorded anything in a long time, but this inspired me to return here. Purely because of the uniqueness of the experience. Harem anime receive heavy negative criticism from hardcore anime fans for good reasons too. But this is not just a harem anime but an Imouto anime too but most of all it is a masterpiece. Thinking myself to be an elitist of anime, i turned my back on the often disrespected harem genre. Always viewing it as inferior and below my eclectic tastes. One day suffering from genre fatigue, i decided to give it a try. It was great from the beginning having surprising depth. I’m late to the party as this anime initially aired in 2010, that said, based on harem i have seen earlier than this one such as vandread and Tenchi Muyo!. It was easy to see that Oreimo subverts many of the tropes of the genre. This would be like Konosuba for harem back in 2010. It was eye opening,not what i expected at all. the relationships between the characters are all realistic and the plot points as the characters develop feels natural.It also gives some insight into japanese otaku culture that i have never seen before. Its interesting coming from such an unlikely source. I also appreciate the directorial decisions for this anime. They spend the first season subverting the genre expectations then they spend the entire second season following the genre tropes with precision. except for the ending, the ending is amazing. i will not spoil it. I expect everyone reading this to go and watch it after i have inspired you. The approach to the first and second season showed me something important about myself. i am not an anime elitist, i thoroughly enjoyed this anime even while it was delivering its most base harem content. This showed me that i am just a fan of anime, good or bad. i enjoy the culture of it and the content in all shapes and forms; good or bad. Watch Oriemo, you may learn something about yourself too. I encourage anyone reading this to step outside your comfort zone ; put down that isekai power fantasy and try a slice o life show. you may just enjoy it.