The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede's Bold Leap into 3D
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The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

Studio Orange is Amazing

If you have seen some good CGI animation Lately there is maybe a one in 4 chance that it was a studio orange production.That is because these guys release banger after banger with each new anime being a technical and literary achievement. They have built their way up to Trigun stampede, this didn’t happen overnight. But further beyond the accomplishment of the anime is the implications it has for the wider anime industry. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop let’s get into it.�

Mappa employees are suffering, Bones employees are suffering. 2D animation in my estimation has been pushed to its absolute limit both technically and logistically. Mappa has found the cliff edge to which we can take 2d animation with the release of JJK season 2. Anime in its current form has peaked. While the bloody fingers of mappa employees twirled away. Studio Orange was cooking something different. 3d animation is such that once the models are created, the frame to frame animation is a million times easier. The models are rigged such that even Miwa could animate them. The cameras can have a programmed path to plot the scene and change angles during each sequence with ease. Multiple camera can be placed in a scene to capture the sequence from different angles simultaneously. The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

What i’m trying to say is that the work load is reduced on the animators. They maybe can go home and have a kid and a dog. Studios typically avoid CGI for the big IPs because usually it looks like this and i know this is an easy target and everyone always talks about it for bad CGI anime but we gotta at least reference berserk 2016. This anime set the industry back exactly 1 decade but i think Studio orange finally reversed this damage  with Trigun the stampede.

The Future of Anime Bad CGI from others but not Orange

 You see beyond looking like absolute and utter rubbish  CGI anime has always had a few limitations despite all the reduction in animation effort. Firstly the characters are made less expressive as it cannot rely on line art to convey emotion. Orange fixes this resoundingly with Meryl Stryfe being one of the most expressive characters i have seen animated in any medium.

I haven’t really made any new points yet, everybody knows that CGI used to suck and now it sucks less. So how exactly is studio Orange changing the game? Stay tuned for this last chapter 

Orange’s two previous shows Beastars and Land of the lustrous were relatively risk free. Land of the lustrous did not use human characters therefore nuanced facial expressions were not an expectation placed upon the animation team. That said, they still did a great job bringing the gem stones to life. Beastars , similar situation. The characters are polymorphic animals filled with expression but not human ones therefore way more margin for error because who exactly knows how it should look when a wolf smiles or a rabbit gets horny.. Also the source material for these two adaptations are good but not as widely loved as the shows that mappa are working on. Therefore it seems like Orange gave themself healthy margin for error in building up to their latest release, They were like mayweather choosing fights that they were sure to win. They spent this time under the radar figuring out the technology and escalating their competence as they progressed. Trigun is a beloved series for 90s kids. In the west it is synonymous with anime itself, having been one of the early shows included in cartoon network’s famous adult swim. The imagery of Vash the Stampede clad in his red trench coat dual wielding his double action hand cannons while looking through orange tinted steampunk glasses is burned into the mind and soul of anybody who grew up in the adult swim era. I say all of that to say that this is their riskiest adaptation yet. They left their Mayweather strategy and decided to fight Pacquiao in his prime. They went balls out too, this is less of a direct adaptation and more of a reboot and reimagining. This  is a totally new anime using the IP of Trigun as a foundation. It is reimagined inorder to take full advantage of the technology. And advantage they have taken , even though the characters are redesigned the iconic aesthetic of Vash remains the same. The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

I wont get too much into it but this anime is well above average and well received despite the reverence placed on the intellectual property. This tells me that CGI only anime have arrived and this is the future of anime. There will always be a place for 2d animation but it will one day be a novelty and the majority of anime produced will be done with CGI and aided by artificial intelligence. That is a discussion for another day, I made my point. Thanks for watching till the end. If You still here ,you might as well  like the video and see you next time. 

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