Where is Yuta during the Shibuya incident arc? | Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Shibuya incident arc
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Where is Yuta during the Shibuya incident arc? | Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

For the anime only viewers Yuta has been name dropped several times in season 1 and season 2 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. He appears in season 1’s ending as well as the second ending for season 2. Yuta was the protagonist of the first ever JJk manga which was later adapted as the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 prequel movie. Yuta makes an appearance at the end of season 2 where we learn that he is tasked with executing the main protagonist Yuji. But what I want to know is where the hell was this guy the whole time between JJK0 and Season 2 of the main series. Especially during the Shibuya arc, The sorcerers could have used help from a special grade like Yuta. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop, let’s get into it. 

Training with Miguel in Africa

So you remember Miguel Rite, he went toe to toe with Gojo himself in JJk zero. Miguel was one of Getos trusted generals. His life was spared and he was forcefully recruited by Gojo. Miguel is from some African country ; Gege Akutami the manga’s author never bothers to specify which one. Assuming Miguel is his actual name he is probably from one of the french speaking african countries. Based on his fashion I would guess Burkina Faso but based on the lore of the series there are more curses in areas with greater negative emotions. Taking this fact into consideration,  it is more likely that stronger sorcerers and curses would operate in and around the Congo and the democratic republic of Congo due to the fractious nature of ongoing conflicts in that country. 

Africa to Shibuya incident arc

Anyway i Digress, Yuta went with Miguel after the events of JJK zero to train with him presumably fighting cursed spirits in the congo. He shows up in Tokyo at the end OF THE Shibuya incident arc. If I’m correct about where he is located, that’s an 18 hour flight from Kinshasa in DR Congo to Tokyo in Japan. Interestingly enough even though the Shibuya incident arc covered 3 years worth of manga content and 6 months of anime content, the entire timeline of the incident was 5 hours. Yuta therefore had no opportunity to be involved directly in the events of season 2. We are gonna get alot of Yuta in season three however and I’m looking forward to that.

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