Will we ever get a second season of Blood Lad!?

Blood Lad
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Anime sometimes don’t get a second season

Over the years many anime have fallen victim to the, only having one season curse. Traditionally this is done as a tactic to drive new fans to go and purchase the manga. anime is ridiculously expensive to create, you see. Every anime episode that you watch costs approximately 350,000 US Dollars to produce so for these one season anime, often time it’s just a very expensive trailer for the ongoing manga. Blood Lad, released in 2013 is probably one of the best of those trailers.

About Blood Lad season 1

Blood lad is an anime released in 2013 adapted by Brain’s Base from the Manga of the same name. The story follows Staz, a vampire territory boss in the Demon world who discovers a human girl in his territory. She is killed while in his custody. She becomes a ghost but Staz pledges to resurrect her and the 2 go on an adventure around the demon and human world to accomplish this.

Another important thing to note is that this is a seinen which traditionally appeals to an older audience. This is difficult to tell at first because this anime starts out like any Shounen with a powerful protagonist having a seemingly selfless goal and ever increasing power level. Where Blood Lad seperates is the characterization of it’s main cast. These characters are very imperfect, very human. Staz isn’t a self righteous protector of justice and peace; he is an otaku with some morals who is driven in a direction without fully understanding his own motivations and desires.

What type of anime is Blood Lad?

The realism in characterization is what makes this a Seinen and nothing else. The action and comedy is the same as you would expect from a popular shounen but for me everything hit harder because of how invested i am with the characters.

Another area blood lad deviates is the art style. Not only is this anime Similar to JOJO’s Bizarre adventure in how the plot is all over the place it is also similar in the animation department. Like JOJO’s, Blood Lad is very inconsistent with its colours and shaders. Scenes become washed with red or blue depending on the occurrences on screen. In many ways blood lad looks alot like a western cartoon. The style is very fitting to the content however and the viewer adjusts quickly to the differences in the visual style.�

As good as blood lad is, it was released way back in 2013 and still no season 2. The original season wasn’t even a full 1 cour anime, it was 10 episodes with a 20 minute OVA released several months after. I scoured the internet looking for evidence of a second season and found none. What I did find are likely reasons why we will not get a season 2.

The first of these reasons is the time period. It is already well beyond the usual 5 years to renew the anime for a second season. This 5 year period seems to be the industry standard to declare a second season, i couldn’t find a reason in relation to why this is the accepted standard but it definitely seems to be true.

Brains base has a bad track record

The second reason is the studio itself. Baccano! Released in 2007 is one of Brain Base’s most popular releases yet they launched no follow up content for this franchise. In Terms of the reason to make a sequel, there is a lot of content remaining to adapt. The manga has 17 volumes and the plot escalates with each one. Also the anime was pretty popular when it came out, it had both a positive fan reception and critical reception. That’s impressive for a 10 episode release. So I do think that season 2 would be a commercial success.

Based on this i believe we will get a season 2 eventually but it most likely won’t be from Brain’s Base. Also it most likely will be a reboot and not a straight continuation. I do hope we get a second season from the brain’s base however as I have seriously enjoyed their adaptation. Thanks for watching today. I’m in  the comments if you need me . Like and subscribe, i’ll see you next week. 

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