Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled!?

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled
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Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled!?

The consistency of this anime is phenomenal, I mean the third season is just as enthralling as the first. Season 3 covers the Tenjuku arc and even has more tension because we the audience knows that Hanagaki has lost the ability to travel in time. The ending of season 3 was very abrupt with not much of an epilogue after the incident. We are uncertain if Hanagaki recovers his ability to travel to the future. Also unlike previous releases there was not an immediate announcement of a further season. Look out for spoilers from season 3 of the anime. 

Remaining manga arcs

The Manga still has 2 arcs that has not yet been adapted in anime , the Bonten and final arc. So that means that there is material for season 4.  I however think there is a strong possibility that we won’t see a season 4. Kisaki got isekaid at the end of season 3. Truck kun came through for toman and removed him from the story line. Kisaki was the primary villain of the series and made the anime extremely interesting as he was always in the shadows weaving a grand plan but being foiled through the sheer persistence of Hanagaki. 

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 No more Kisaki

Analyzing fan sentiment, the consensus is that the quality of the manga after Kisaki’s death takes a nosedive. The reality is that Kisaki was as important to the narrative as any of the Toman Heros because without Kisaki the underlying menace and purpose in the gang battles are removed. It overall lowers the stakes and reduces the maturity.

Alternatively the director Koichi Hatsumi could opt for an anime only ending and wrap up the series in a most exciting way. I think this is unlikely but still a possibility. I still remain with the idea that there wont be another season because with Kisaki dead, the main anime story is satisfyingly resolved. I would be ok with just an OVA to act as an epilogue so we can say goodbye to the characters. Those are my thoughts on it, thanks for watching to the end Like and subscribe and ill see you next time. 

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