Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

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Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

We get it goblins suck , this anime keeps reminding us that goblins suck. Remember when this banger came out back in the day. It came out amidst the trend of anime having an extremely controversial first episode. This first episode is then followed up with average run of the mill anime episodes. I’m usually fine with this because I love the average run of the mill fantasy anime stuff. That’s literally what I’m here for and I would have watched it even without that headline making first episode. With that in mind I tuned in for season 2 so that yet again they can tell me that goblins suck. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop. Let’s get into it. 

While I am a fan of Goblin Slayer, it does give the impression that the ambition of the adaptation far outstripped the animation ability and budget of the studio involved. The fact that I can see these limitations clearly is a credit to the attempted atmosphere and characterizations. The goblin slayer is well characterized through strong personality and equally strong mystery. He is just like the version of Halo’s master chief that I had growing up. Not this new emotionally intouch one that walks around with a naked face all the time. I’m talking about 2001 get to the pelican kinda master chief. Goblin Slayer is even more master chief than that master chief, this guy doesn’t even take off his helmet to eat. He is always ready for action. The nature of the character alone lets us know how dangerous the goblins are because he has clearly been traumatized to the degree that he never takes off his armour, sleeps with his sword at the ready, inspects his home perimeter daily and takes every quest possible to kill goblins. His meticulous and serious character is the strongest indicator of the dangers the goblins carry. 

Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

The second way that the dangers of the goblins are highlighted is not as good because of the limitations I highlighted earlier. The atmosphere of the anime in the dungeons I can see are meant to channel an eir of horror. It kinda fails to do so because of the limitations of the animation. Here is a prime example, in episode 2 this character storms forward into a goblin trap leaving his whole party behind and endangering himself. This is meant to be extremely scary. He encounters a woman being tortured in the pitch black, his clothes become stained with blood, he cant see, the goblins begin to grow in number and even a troll comes out. I would be pissing my pants if I had read that sequence in a novel. But the animation here even though decent doesn’t allow one to be scared as the style lacks detail. It’s actually kinda funny instead�

Other than the lack of animation ability, I do think the show could have been more ambitious with the goblins. Each goblin group has some kinda leader which is the smartest and craftiest goblin. The anime effectively conveys the idea that these goblins can communicate and display a high level of intelligence somewhere below the average human. The anime could have capitalized on that and shown us more details from the perspective of the goblin. Show us what they are saying for example or have more complex traps. 

Despite my disappointment with that element of storytelling, the goblin slaying missions were the best part of this anime. It is exhilarating to see how goblin slayer organizes his party to handle the large hordes of goblins in each mission. It’s like watching a battle in fire emblem. It’s pretty fun involving some strategy and heavy use of tools and environment over spells and skills. Overall Goblin Slayer isn’t a high quality production and suffers from a lot of the problems of generic fantasy anime but it’s good enough to enjoy and even though the animation isn’t great. The character design and voice acting for the actual goblin slayer is top tier. So yes this one isn’t a must watch but there is some fun to be had if you do decide to watch. Should you watch Goblin Slayer Season 2?

A 1 star review | The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3

A 1 star review | The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3

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A 1 star review | The Rising of the Shield Hero

Another season of shield hero

I loved shield hero season 1. This was peak isekai before Mushoku Tensei replaced it with better writing and animation. Season 2 was a mistake, the spirit tortoise arc hit us with some of the poorest writing and animation I’ve seen in any isekai anime in some time. I made a whole video talking about how bad this was when it came out. 

So needless to say I was not  excited for season 3. But still; Somehow! The season managed to submerge below even my lowly expectations, hey everyone, welcome to aniprop. Let’s get into it. 

 Looks like the kinema Citrus took the comments on the spirit tortoise’s terrible animation personally because they hit us with some of the best sakuga I’ve seen all season. Putting maybe half of their budget into episode 9 alone. DR Movie is notably absent from production credits and with the removal of this studio it seems like production quality has drastically improved. Honestly if you just watched episode 9 you could have had a positive experience with this anime season. My compliments on the rising of the shield hero season 3 ends here. 

A 1 star review Poor Writing

The writing is insulting to the audience to say the least. It assumes that we have the intellect and brain development of an unripened watermelon. A large theme so far throughout the series has been the manipulations of Malty Melromarc, more often referred to as bitch. But they are using this same theme for the 3rd time. And this one is 3rd times the harm as there is no charm here. It’s just downright silly. As Well as being repetitive and uninteresting it’s also poorly executed. There is no brinkmanship, no story craft, no intrigue, no tension just bland and i would say predictable but that would be untrue because the poverty in the storytelling is so unprecedented that it would be unfair to call it predictable. I’m actually surprised that they used bitch to betray another cardinal hero in the exact same way as the previous 3 times. 

It’s then even more insulting and annoying when the anime attempts to be edgy with curse words and adult themes. Meanwhile the script and screenplay was written with wax crayons in the back of a coloring book. It’s really hard to take seriously. 

A 1 star review | The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3

And as insulting as the story beats are, the show runners aren’t even committed to seeing it through as if they were as bored with the half baked conflicts as me and seem to cut them short at every opportunity with even more half baked resolutions. The resolution of the bow hero’s arc is particularly egregious in that arena. Like many conflicts in the rising of the shield hero; it is resolved with the Hengen Muso Style or should I say the Hengen Ex Machina.  Rishia, the most unremarkable green haired anime girl summoned a boomerang from the bow of the bow hero and started throwing it with the hengen ex machina. This ended the fight and my interest in this show.�

I’m Really looking forward to season 4 , so I can see how much worse this gets.Im also very  curious to see if kevin Penkin sticks around on the soundtrack for this train wreck. I notice this time he is “joined” by two other composers and the soundtrack is significantly worse, still good but Kevin is usually legendary. Leading me to believe that he has significantly diminished his involvement in the project. 

Rising of the shield hero 3 gets a 1 star review from me , it’s still better than season 2. But that’s not saying much. Thanks for watching today. Like and subscribe and see you next time. 

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

The evolution of harem anime | The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

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The evolution of harem anime | The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

History of Harem

The first harem anime I watched from start to finish on a CD was love Hina. Animated in the year 2000, it pushed fan service to new limits. I loved it but really when just getting into anime i would have liked any anime. I also remember being obsessed with the Negima remake that came out in 2006. As time passed I drifted away from the harem genre and entries within it came out to less acclaim. I think this is because other genres like battle shonen started to incorporate the key selling points of the harem genre rendering it somewhat  obsolete. This meant that the genre on a whole had to endure some transformation. 100 girlfriends is the latest entry of some acclaim and I feel one of the best in a while, this one is taking me back to my childhood. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop,let’s get into it. 

100 Girlfriends

When I was younger watching the spectacle of the harem was  entertaining but as you grow and enter the dating market you realize that reality is nothing like Tenshi Muyo or love Hina. Girls dont just all trip over themselves for an average guy who happens to be the protagonist. Women don’t just suddenly throw away their pride to share affections with a guy that engages with unlimited women. The harem anime therefore requires suspension of disbelief , especially for older more worldly viewers. 100 girlfriends address this issue immediately in the first episode. His first two girlfriends Hakari and Karane are at first very resistant to the idea of sharing the protagonist Rentarou. He convinces them with a gesture so well written that it is immediately believable to even the most seasoned anime viewer such as myself. I’m not saying that this makes it realistic because it is not but in the context of the show they addressed the issue somewhat and that adds to the legitimacy of all plot points which unfold there after.  

Having bin a project manager for several years of my career, I can say that Rentarou thinks like one; with each girlfriend being a unique project and the synergy between all the projects being critical to his success He runs his harem like an enterprise. Each girl he integrates into his harem disrupts his carefully crafted balance but he makes calculated adjustments to make sure the new girl is accepted much like a project manager would modify details of a project to get it to work inside the framework of the enterprise.  

That said a harem is still a harem; the very concept of it is impossible. Outside of cult circumstances where societal norms are far removed, A 100 girl harem would be impossible to obtain and sustain. Many of the initial girls are even in Rentarous own high school class.

 Suspension of disbelief aside, what really helps with the believability is the detail in the character design. Each girl is extremely unique in physical appearance and personality. The show runners really flex their talent in this area. At first when i saw this mole under Hakari’s butt i thought it was a smudge on my screen because usually there isn’t this level of detail in harem anime but they make that step. Usually the big boobs trope is in an anime to stimulate young boys, thats still the intention here but the story adds a deeper dimension because Karane shows genuine insecurity about her cup size in comparison to the bustier girlfriends. This allows Rentarou to genuinely reassure her and it makes for an overall good plot point.   

Breaking the template 100 Girlfriends

Also i find it hilarious how the minor characters in the anime have a normal world perspective and find Rentarous interactions with his girlfriends extremely strange and off putting. 100 girlfriends departs from the standard harem formula because the girls are all interesting. I mean like genuinely good characters and not just fan service. Infact Rentarou is the only one dimensional character because he is just a super nice guy. Meanwhile all the girls have goals and schemes. Imagine kaguya sama but instead of 1 scheming girl we get 100. Despite Rentaro’s lack of dimension I give the anime props for directly addressing the social issues that would ordinarily make a traditional harem impossible. Harem by its very nature requires the protagonist to be a relatable self insert. That means that they are usually average in every way. Rentaro is exactly that. But we see him suffer as a result. When one of his girlfriends are taken away by their sensible parents we see him struggle with his lack of ability to fix the situation having no strength, no intellect, no money, no resources etc. All this guy has is determination and he uses it to no end. This anime’s exploration of new harem waters doesn’t end there. I have one word for you…. Milf. that is al. This harem features a literal milf i have nothing deeper to say about that. Just thank you. The inroads into harem subversion doesn’t stop their however. There is more! the anime includes a reverse bath peeping scene where the horny girlfriends attempt to take a look at Rentarou in the shower. 

100 girlfriends is an unusual must watch but any fan of anime will enjoy this one. It’s basically the one piece of Harem.

The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede's Bold Leap into 3D

The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

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The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

Studio Orange is Amazing

If you have seen some good CGI animation Lately there is maybe a one in 4 chance that it was a studio orange production.That is because these guys release banger after banger with each new anime being a technical and literary achievement. They have built their way up to Trigun stampede, this didn’t happen overnight. But further beyond the accomplishment of the anime is the implications it has for the wider anime industry. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop let’s get into it.�

Mappa employees are suffering, Bones employees are suffering. 2D animation in my estimation has been pushed to its absolute limit both technically and logistically. Mappa has found the cliff edge to which we can take 2d animation with the release of JJK season 2. Anime in its current form has peaked. While the bloody fingers of mappa employees twirled away. Studio Orange was cooking something different. 3d animation is such that once the models are created, the frame to frame animation is a million times easier. The models are rigged such that even Miwa could animate them. The cameras can have a programmed path to plot the scene and change angles during each sequence with ease. Multiple camera can be placed in a scene to capture the sequence from different angles simultaneously. The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

What i’m trying to say is that the work load is reduced on the animators. They maybe can go home and have a kid and a dog. Studios typically avoid CGI for the big IPs because usually it looks like this and i know this is an easy target and everyone always talks about it for bad CGI anime but we gotta at least reference berserk 2016. This anime set the industry back exactly 1 decade but i think Studio orange finally reversed this damage  with Trigun the stampede.

The Future of Anime Bad CGI from others but not Orange

 You see beyond looking like absolute and utter rubbish  CGI anime has always had a few limitations despite all the reduction in animation effort. Firstly the characters are made less expressive as it cannot rely on line art to convey emotion. Orange fixes this resoundingly with Meryl Stryfe being one of the most expressive characters i have seen animated in any medium.

I haven’t really made any new points yet, everybody knows that CGI used to suck and now it sucks less. So how exactly is studio Orange changing the game? Stay tuned for this last chapter 

Orange’s two previous shows Beastars and Land of the lustrous were relatively risk free. Land of the lustrous did not use human characters therefore nuanced facial expressions were not an expectation placed upon the animation team. That said, they still did a great job bringing the gem stones to life. Beastars , similar situation. The characters are polymorphic animals filled with expression but not human ones therefore way more margin for error because who exactly knows how it should look when a wolf smiles or a rabbit gets horny.. Also the source material for these two adaptations are good but not as widely loved as the shows that mappa are working on. Therefore it seems like Orange gave themself healthy margin for error in building up to their latest release, They were like mayweather choosing fights that they were sure to win. They spent this time under the radar figuring out the technology and escalating their competence as they progressed. Trigun is a beloved series for 90s kids. In the west it is synonymous with anime itself, having been one of the early shows included in cartoon network’s famous adult swim. The imagery of Vash the Stampede clad in his red trench coat dual wielding his double action hand cannons while looking through orange tinted steampunk glasses is burned into the mind and soul of anybody who grew up in the adult swim era. I say all of that to say that this is their riskiest adaptation yet. They left their Mayweather strategy and decided to fight Pacquiao in his prime. They went balls out too, this is less of a direct adaptation and more of a reboot and reimagining. This  is a totally new anime using the IP of Trigun as a foundation. It is reimagined inorder to take full advantage of the technology. And advantage they have taken , even though the characters are redesigned the iconic aesthetic of Vash remains the same. The Future of Anime: Trigun Stampede’s Bold Leap into 3D

I wont get too much into it but this anime is well above average and well received despite the reverence placed on the intellectual property. This tells me that CGI only anime have arrived and this is the future of anime. There will always be a place for 2d animation but it will one day be a novelty and the majority of anime produced will be done with CGI and aided by artificial intelligence. That is a discussion for another day, I made my point. Thanks for watching till the end. If You still here ,you might as well  like the video and see you next time. 

Blue Eye Samurai

Blue Eye Samurai is better than anything Disney has released

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Blue Eye Samurai is better than anything Disney has released

This definitely isn’t one of my favorite topics but still ill say my piece. I was once a proud fan of the M-She -U but I was repulsed by Disney’s prioritization of the message over cinema quality in the last few years. Despite what executives say over there it is absolutely possible to produce a cinematic depiction which focuses on minority issues while still being good and watchable. Blue eye samurai is the most absolute evidence of this. Hey everyone, welcome to Aniprop, let’s get into it. 

Blue Eye Samurai has a Believable Protagonist

The first pitfall that blue eye samurai avoids and where disney should take notes is in the believability of the protagonist and her struggle. Mizu is a half white, female warrior living towards the end of the Edo period of Japan. What this time period means for her is that its both a bad time to be a female warrior and a mixed race Japanese citizen which she happens to be both. This is sensible story craft because her struggles are relevant and believable based on the setting alone, they don’t feel forced for the purpose of the message.The way they even go about introducing and displaying the prejudice against her is handled very well and realistically when juxtaposed against a show like she hulk. Even for someone with no understanding of the historical context, the show is written such that the prejudice is demonstrated believably. 

The other pitfall blue eye samurai avoids is the unrealistic and unlikeable character build up or lack thereof. Mizu is a very likable character. She makes some bad decisions but the audience can see how she came to make them. Also unlike the Disney marvel female leads, we  see her endure the hero’s journey earning her competence with the sword. One of the big criticisms of She Hulk , Captain marvel and Rey from star wars is that they just became strong because  the story demanded it. Mizu on the other hand, is just as powerful as the Disney characters in the context of her own show. She achieved this through singularity of focus, years of training and a caring master. She even endured ARCs  where love was gained and lost and finally she isn’t immune to damage and defeat in a way that diminishes the audience viewing pleasure as there is always risk and jeopardy in her fights.  

Blue Eye Samurai has good characters

That carries us into the other issue blue eye samurai avoids in contrast to the M she U films. There is absolutely no jeopardy in observing a captain marvel or her cohorts fight. Because the narrative is so heavily geared towards the message. The writers are unable to display their purely symbolic characters as ever weak, injured or defeated. Because that would mean their representation is being defeated, what this means is that these aren’t actually characters but instead embodied propaganda. This is not the case for Mizu, Mizu gets injured in most battles. She takes time to overcome her injuries as well. Sometimes down for a week or more as she recovers. She makes numerous mistakes and learns from them. She is human and very relatable while still being powerful in the context of her story. It’s not hyperbolic to say that we love her or atleast are proud of her by the end of season one. 

Interestingly too, beside the inherent themes that she faces as a result of her gender and race she faces a myriad of other thematic issues. Because Michael Green is not focused on the message he allows the character to have other issues. The one i liked the most was the classic spiderman theme “ with great power comes great responsibility”. Mizu was never formally trained under a lord therefore she is not a samurai. Because she is  so skilled in the use of the blade, the characters around her infer the expectations of a samurai upon her; expecting her to behave honorably and noble. I find this dynamic interesting because we know her rough upbringing and having observed her back story it seems almost ridiculous to me that anyone would expect her to behave in the same way as a pampered lord’s samurai. She often reminds people that she is no samurai with observable frustration. The other interesting theme the story goes into is that of revenge, what it does to a soul and if it’s really worth it. It wouldn’t be a proper edo period drama without a proper tale of revenge. This time period and culture lends itself well to this type of story and I think the writing capitalized on the setting very well. 

Swords vs Guns

Beyond Mizu, we have the sword vs guns story and the European invasion at the end of the shogunate. This context has been covered extensively in other shows like rurouni kenshin and the last samurai. It’s pretty much the same here, and that story acts as a backdrop for our main Mizu story. In this way Blue eye samurai is superior to all the M she You tales as well. The total story and universe doesn’t orbit our main character only. The writing in my opinion takes advantage of tropes because of how well known the European invasion of Japan is, the writing doesn’t spend copious amounts of time on setting up this context but instead focuses more on the specific character studies. 

What the recent Disney films also failed to do is make compelling support characters. Everything is so centered around the main feminist that it makes the side characters look lame. Even intentionally so, characters, especially male characters are made to look exceedingly foolish to elevate the perceptions of competence of the protagonist. Unfortunately this can break immersion as at times the sidemen are made to look so foolish and incompetent that it becomes unbelievable. What’s worse is that in  some cases even established, well loved characters like the Hulk are made to look unrealistically stupid and useless to elevate the woman. Blue eye samuraI does the opposite with compelling and loveable side characters. Ringo, Taigen and princess Akemi get the most screen time and they are well written with their own struggles and motivations. Their depth of character enhances the interactions with the protagonist. Even just the recurring characters are pretty fleshed out. The sword maker, Madame Kaji and Seki are more developed than anything I have seen from Disney lately. 

To no one’s surprise Netflix has already renewed blue eye samurai for a second season .The second season seems like it will div deeper into the revenge plotline of the series. It looks like it will be good and at the very least outperform anything Disney has released in recent times. Thanks for watching today, like and subscribe and see you next time. 

The Eminence in Finance

The Eminence in Finance

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The Eminence in Finance

This anime is peak satire… It seems like in every single episode Cid is finding a way to cheese the game, not unlike ed edd and eddy or like that streamer that is terrible at dark souls. Season 2 episode 4 was very interesting however because it does make some attempts to explain finance. If i was younger this maybe would have gone over my head as it clearly kinda went over cid’s head. The anime does a surprisingly good job of explaining banking, currency and economics. I was amazed that such a serious topic was covered in such an unserious show 

Fractional Reserve Banking

Fractional reserve banking utilizes a law which dictates that for every dollar loaned by the bank it only has to have 10% in held assets. So for example. If you deposit $100, the bank can legitimately lend or invest up to $90 dollars of it. That’s what Cid is attempting to explain here on the train. Mitsugoshi and other fiat currency  distributors take the gold coins and distribute this paper money in its stead. However this paper is inflationary because they can create more of it than there is the gold coin to back it. So cids accidental master plan is to print lots of fake bank notes and devalue the currency creating a bank run and a 2008 kinda financial crisis. 

I’m surprised at how detailed The Eminence in Finance anime went into the value of fiat currency. When I was a kid we didn’t have any of this in anime, it was just power ups and fights. I had to learn about money as a grown man from graham stephan and jaspreet singh. In the anime, just as in reality the amount of bank notes in circulation exceeds the value of assets held. Leading to the predicted collapse. Cid being accidentally all powerful collected enough gold to ensure that Mitsufgoshi could navigate the economic uncertainty. The relationship between the fiat and the gold in the anime is exactly the same relationship between cash and credit in reality. Banks left the gold standard years ago in our reality but they will gladly offer lines of credit that exceed the value of held cash.�

The Eminence in Finance Economy

Here is the funny shit tho, with all the fake bills that Cid printed, according to intel from shadow garden they only achieved a not a disastrous CPI of 7.2% . To put that into perspective the United states had a CPI of 7% in 2021 and Jamaica had a cpi of 7.5% for 2023. So even with the intentional sabotage the anime’s economy still could not underperform against real economies. Now that is something to reflect on. Thanks for watching , like and subscribe and see you next time.  

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled!?

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Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Cancelled!?

The consistency of this anime is phenomenal, I mean the third season is just as enthralling as the first. Season 3 covers the Tenjuku arc and even has more tension because we the audience knows that Hanagaki has lost the ability to travel in time. The ending of season 3 was very abrupt with not much of an epilogue after the incident. We are uncertain if Hanagaki recovers his ability to travel to the future. Also unlike previous releases there was not an immediate announcement of a further season. Look out for spoilers from season 3 of the anime. 

Remaining manga arcs

The Manga still has 2 arcs that has not yet been adapted in anime , the Bonten and final arc. So that means that there is material for season 4.  I however think there is a strong possibility that we won’t see a season 4. Kisaki got isekaid at the end of season 3. Truck kun came through for toman and removed him from the story line. Kisaki was the primary villain of the series and made the anime extremely interesting as he was always in the shadows weaving a grand plan but being foiled through the sheer persistence of Hanagaki. 

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 No more Kisaki

Analyzing fan sentiment, the consensus is that the quality of the manga after Kisaki’s death takes a nosedive. The reality is that Kisaki was as important to the narrative as any of the Toman Heros because without Kisaki the underlying menace and purpose in the gang battles are removed. It overall lowers the stakes and reduces the maturity.

Alternatively the director Koichi Hatsumi could opt for an anime only ending and wrap up the series in a most exciting way. I think this is unlikely but still a possibility. I still remain with the idea that there wont be another season because with Kisaki dead, the main anime story is satisfyingly resolved. I would be ok with just an OVA to act as an epilogue so we can say goodbye to the characters. Those are my thoughts on it, thanks for watching to the end Like and subscribe and ill see you next time. 

Shibuya incident arc

Where is Yuta during the Shibuya incident arc? | Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

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Where is Yuta during the Shibuya incident arc? | Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

For the anime only viewers Yuta has been name dropped several times in season 1 and season 2 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. He appears in season 1’s ending as well as the second ending for season 2. Yuta was the protagonist of the first ever JJk manga which was later adapted as the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 prequel movie. Yuta makes an appearance at the end of season 2 where we learn that he is tasked with executing the main protagonist Yuji. But what I want to know is where the hell was this guy the whole time between JJK0 and Season 2 of the main series. Especially during the Shibuya arc, The sorcerers could have used help from a special grade like Yuta. Hey everyone, welcome to aniprop, let’s get into it. 

Training with Miguel in Africa

So you remember Miguel Rite, he went toe to toe with Gojo himself in JJk zero. Miguel was one of Getos trusted generals. His life was spared and he was forcefully recruited by Gojo. Miguel is from some African country ; Gege Akutami the manga’s author never bothers to specify which one. Assuming Miguel is his actual name he is probably from one of the french speaking african countries. Based on his fashion I would guess Burkina Faso but based on the lore of the series there are more curses in areas with greater negative emotions. Taking this fact into consideration,  it is more likely that stronger sorcerers and curses would operate in and around the Congo and the democratic republic of Congo due to the fractious nature of ongoing conflicts in that country. 

Africa to Shibuya incident arc

Anyway i Digress, Yuta went with Miguel after the events of JJK zero to train with him presumably fighting cursed spirits in the congo. He shows up in Tokyo at the end OF THE Shibuya incident arc. If I’m correct about where he is located, that’s an 18 hour flight from Kinshasa in DR Congo to Tokyo in Japan. Interestingly enough even though the Shibuya incident arc covered 3 years worth of manga content and 6 months of anime content, the entire timeline of the incident was 5 hours. Yuta therefore had no opportunity to be involved directly in the events of season 2. We are gonna get alot of Yuta in season three however and I’m looking forward to that.

Pantheon Explained

Pantheon Explained | Why It’s the Only Singularity Show You Need to Watch

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Pantheon Explained | Why It’s the Only Singularity Show You Need to Watch

UI instead of AI

Pantheon is a masterpiece of science fiction work. It’s especially crucial now as myself and most of the world is suffering from A.I or artificial intelligence narrative fatigue. In the current generation AI is everywhere but pantheon instead chooses to focus on U.I or uploaded intelligence. From a narrative perspective this allows the singularity to have quality characterization as Pantheon is able to show us the lives the uploaded intelligence lived prior to their upload and how the resulting uploads has affected the evolution of the individuals. Singularity related shows have always been severely uninteresting due to the lack of characterization behind the AIs.

Ultron aside of course. I fell asleep in Mission impossible 7 because that snooze fest constructed its plot around a singularity but made no big effort to develop and characterize it. Instead it opted to rely on large scale action set pieces  and treat the AI as merely a mcguffin like the cube from starwars. Conversely; the action was actually the worst part of Pantheon, which instead relied on its neatly crafted narrative and compelling characterizations to provide entertainment. Pantheon explores all of the world-ending technology of the coming century. It is the definitive Singularity show and definitely the only one you need to watch. Welcome to anipriop, careful for spoilers and let’s get into it.�

What is a singularity?

Singularity is a term that has been trending more and more in popular culture lately. But what exactly is it? 

Ill let Chat GPT do this part being an AI and all

“The singularity refers to a hypothetical point in the future where technological growth, particularly in artificial intelligence, reaches a stage where it fundamentally alters human civilization. At this juncture, AI and machine intelligence are predicted to surpass human intelligence, potentially leading to rapid and profound changes that are difficult to predict or comprehend based on our current understanding” 

Pantheon Explained

Pantheon attacks the concept of the singularity from the perspective of Uploaded Intelligence. The greatest minds humanity has to offer are uploaded to private cloud networks with access to the internet. Think Stephen Hawking , Albert Einstein,  Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla floating around in your google drive or Icloud inventing things forever. Imagine how much more advanced the planet would be if these minds were not only immortalized but released from the restraints of terrestrial embodiment. 

To make sure Pantheon lands its point and underlines the believability of its grand science fiction concepts;. 

Steohen Holstrum vs Steve Jobs

The fictional corporation that is most aggressively pursuing the UI technology in the narrative is one called logarithms. This company is obviously based on apple with stephen Holstrom’s entire character design being based on steve jobs. The name Holstrom is swedish and  literally translates to island River. This foreshadows the prophetic nature of the character connecting terrestrials to the digital Ocean. Logarithm jacked apples’ whole flow, the all white aesthetic, the turtle necks from the hay days of the legend and even his death in the early 2000s was lifted from reality just to give the show an insane level of believability. 

Pantheon Explained

Where other shows have failed in their depictions of singularities; Pantheon succeeds and I notice 2 key differences with their approach that allow for this. The first is that in many of the other shows they depict governments as being responsible and involved with the singularity technology. It is so much harder to characterize governments as it is to do so for private organizations. The use of imaginary companies gives the writers way more freedom in how their operations are depicted. Plus it adds a layer of realism because in the modern era, it is the private sector that is driving technological development. Craig Silverstein and the writing team borrowed many ideas for the depiction from the original terminator with skynet and the matrix with the Machines.

The other way Pantheon succeeds with the singularity is by focusing on UIs. The UIs have a flaw when uploaded. Because it is the digitization of a degradable human brain, the UIs break down after expending certain amounts of processing power in the same way that a traditional organic  human brain would decay overtime. The UIs are able to overclock to achieve intense processing but this intern degrades them faster. The UIs are essentially then mortal. There is however a cure, a way to stabilize the UI meaning infinite processing capacity and true immortality. That UI then becomes the singularity as they will live forever, processing information at the speed of the internet which is analogous to the speed of light with optical data transfer. They have the capacity to self-replicate and decide which other UIs get to live, essentially shaping the future of man. 

Amazing technology in Pantheon

The last reason why Pantheon is truly the definitive singularity show is because it does not neglect the other technologies that would realistically develop alongside the singularity as the human race sees exponential increases in tech discoveries. In the order of their appearances here are all the technologies that appear in Pantheon.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Ultra wide band internet and Advanced Cloud technology , so almost where we are rite now just one step ahead.
  • Next we have synaptic brain scanning technology and the Uploaded intelligence. 
  • We Also get : Full body Haptic feedback VR technology 
  • UI Anti virus, where the virus is the UI.
  • Cloud Intelligence – basically intelligent life born in the cloud 
  • Downlink capable bipedal robotics like an advanced version of what boston dynamics has ; but controlled by a UI. 

Finally at the upper limit you have the type 1 civilization technology

  • Space Elevator and long distance space crafts. With Digitized beings such as UIs,AIs and CIs . Representatives of the human race become able to make extremely long distance journeys. Beyond the milky way and into other galaxies. 
  • We have also the Dyson Sphere and its Tesseract designed Data Centre or the Pantheon. Yep we finally get a name drop. The name of the entire series is based on the very final technology we see. With the Development of the Dyson Sphere we unlock energy potential nearing the limits of the output of the universe. We are then able to create a data center that can produce multiple simultaneous simulations of the universe’s continuity. Pantheon is a greek word that refers to a collection of Gods which basically is a data center with a continuum of singularities. 

Mic drop. 

Pantheon Explained

The story told in Pantheon doesn’t use the concept of the singularity as a crutch to tell a story but instead invests time to build a universe where it is believable that such a technology would arise organically. The narrative does have its issues with time skips and general pacing in season two however Despite the attention to details and the believability of the science fiction, what is most compelling about pantheon is actually the characters behind it. The characters help ground the story and make everything we are seeing believable. This is why Pantheon is the definitive singularity show. And you should Watch it. Like and subscribe. See you next time. 

Scavengers Reign

Scavengers Reign | A deep dive into the unimaginable ecosystems

Watch Blog video here

Scavengers Reign | A deep dive into the unimaginable ecosystems

If you clicked on this video , I assume that you  are a nerd or at least scientifically inclined. Which is great because if you haven’t watched the animation we are talking about today you are in for a treat. Scavengers Reign is an american animated tv drama that follows the story of a downed cargo vessel the Demeter 227 and its constituent crew who become stranded on the planet Vesta. This animation is an ecologist’s wet dream.

The environment of Vesta is flora dominated with the majority of the plant life displaying zoophytic properties. Darwin proposed that the capacity of organisms to produce more offspring than can be supported by the environment would lead to a struggle for existence, and individuals that are most fit for survival and reproduction would be selected through natural selection.  Basically survival of the fittest, Vesta takes that concept and cranks it up to 11. Hey everyone, welcome to Aniprop. Today we become extraplanetary ecologists and study the honestly quite ridiculous flora and fauna that have evolved on the planet Vesta.�

What Eon is Scavengers Reign in?

During the intro of the animation, we see a shot of Vesta from space. In this screen we see lots of red on the landmasses indicating high but not extreme levels of volcanic activity. This allows me to kinda date where this planet is in comparison with earth. I estimate that the planet is in its Phanerozoic eon. Which is two eons after the formation of the planet’s crust and it begins  to cool. This eon is characterized by the diversity of life which we can see play out in every episode of this animation. 

Organic Life in Scavengers Reign

The opening sequence shows us an organic conducting material that is  able to conduct high voltage and remain alive. This is one of the few harmless plants in the environment. Everything is significantly more harmful to organic life. The food chain on vesta exhibits a high percentage of carnivorous plants but even worse than the food chain is their methods of reproduction.

Scavengers Reign

Reproduction Strategies in Scavengers Reign

Sam and Ursula, the ship’s pilot and botanist respectively, are exposed to the reproduction methods of 2 unnamed species on Vesta. The first being a plant which samples animal DNA through blood capture. Once it captures the DNA of its victim it rapidly produces an adult clone from the sampled DNA. This cloned creature is able to locate its original, eliminate them and take its place in the animal’s herd. At some point the seed spontaneously explodes killing  the whole herd and spreading the DNA of the plant allowing it to reproduce among the nutrient rich corpses of the newly killed herd. This feels so alien and far fetched but on earth we have plants that exhibit similar behaviour.Plants such as the sandbox tree. Inorder to ensure that its offspring does not compete for the local resources the fruit of the sandbox tree explodes propelling the seeds within as far as it can into new soil. The seeds explode with a high velocity and loud bang which sometimes harms the surrounding fauna.

Sam and Ursula overcome this sandbox plant but Sam falls severely ill as a long term effect of the plant’s injection. A strange woman offers Ursula assistance to treat Sam, This woman infects SAM with a heart parasite. The parasite has an even more interesting reproduction strategy. It produces a seed which has to be ingested by its host. Once inside the body it compels the host to develop a habitat for it, even more horrifyingly is that it produces further seeds and compels the host to infect its peers. Sam as a result attempts to orally infect Ursula during the episode. This even though strange seeming is also not unusual in ecology, my favourite example of this is  zombie ant fungus; this fungus compels infected ants to leave their colony, climb to a specific height, and attach themselves to a leaf or plant. The fungus then consumes the ant from within, eventually bursting out of its body to release spores and infect other ants. That’s maybe even more messed up than the heart parasyte. Sam is able to kill the parasyte by ripping it from his body. He also dies during this separation. 

Scaavengers Reign ursula-and-sam

Mutualism in Scavengers Reign

In ecology we sometimes have rare cases where a parasyte improves its host like some bacteria inadvertently giving immunity to viruses or gut bacteria assisting fauna with their digestion process. We see this with Levi, a robot who becomes infected with one of Vesta’s many fungus. The fungus spreads across his mechanical body creating a nervous system which goes back to his processor. This fungal spread grants him a sense of touch and sensation all across his body. He begins to develop curiosity, art and ideas. The fungus elevates his entire existence and makes him a sentient being. This fungus may have otherwise killed and taken over a human body but for Levi it becomes an act of mutualism. The fungus and Levi merge fully such that its offspring appear as mini organic versions of the robot.  

Embodied Cognition

This is arguably the most interesting idea I have ever seen put into an animation because there is a relatively mature idea in the field of psychology stating that true consciousness requires embodiment. It is called embodied cognition and basically solves the mystery of life and provides an idea of how consciousness arose As Levi had AI but never became a true conscious individual until he merged with the flora granting him senses and therefore true embodiment `

Ecosystem perturbation on Vesta

The last thing I want to talk about in Scavengers Reign is the concept of ecosystem disturbance. Adding a new variable such as flora and fauna to an existing ecosystem can have adverse effects such as ecological imbalance, food chain disruption, habitat alteration and in extreme cases extinction. Kamen crash landed very close to the habitat of the hollows. These small telepathic and telekinetic fauna. They grow to the size of a medium sized dog. They procure food by mind controlling other smaller species around them , turning them into servants which fetch small quantities of food to sustain the hollow. They are then able to produce a fluid which when ingested by the target produces intense hallucinations and maintains the mind control.

Kamen encountered the Hollow and racked with guilt he willingly succumbed to the mind control of the hollow. The problem here is Kamen is much larger than the typical gatherers the hollows use therefore more of the black fluid is required to maintain his hallucinogenic state. Kamen started killing other fauna to feed the hollow, turning it into a carnivore. It even eventually starts eating humans and other hollows then even much larger animals. The hollow grew to the size of a large SUV and its powers expanded to match this. By entering the ecosystem, Kamen completely destroyed the food chain and gave rise to this massive hollow which caused further ecological perturbation. This is my favourite story arc becAuse it shows how the insertion of just one non-native species into an environment can completely send things off the rails.�

Scavengers Reign

The personnel of the crashed ship demeter 227 in the end were unable to escape Vesta. They instead attempted to integrate with the ecosystem. Not sure how well this strategy will work but i look forward to seeing more of Vesta and the crew in Season two of this wonderful animation.

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